Deformation & Settlement Monitoring by Vargo Associates

The foundation integrity of structures like buildings, bulkheads, storage tanks, and retaining walls can be affected by a variety of factors, including:

  • Soil conditions
  • Fault movement & earthquake activity
  • Structural settling
  • Changes in structural weight
  • Undetected construction deficiencies

Often, movement and deformation can only be detected by comparing regular measurements taken over a long period of time. The licensed professional land surveyors at Vargo Associates have the technical expertise and advanced surveying equipment to detect and monitor incremental structural changes.

Deformation & Settlement Monitoring Services

Excavation and construction may destabilize adjacent buildings or natural features, presenting an on-going risk of subsidence or collapse. Monitoring these structures for minute movements is one way Vargo Associates helps you mitigate the situation. We identify stable ground near the compromised structure and place sensors there. Then, as we collect real-time data, we are able to provide electronic or written documentation of movement for your project file. Vargo Associates’ deformation and settlement monitoring services include:

  • Deformation detection & monitoring
  • Settlement surveys
  • Angle & distance observations
  • GPS structural monitoring & measurement
  • Data gathering
  • Written or electronic documentation
  • On-site inspections
  • Well monitoring

Loss Mitigation Support From Vargo Associates

Structural changes occurring over time pose a serious liability risk for builders, developers, facility operators, and local agencies. Early detection and monitoring of these changes help to prevent tragic and costly catastrophic losses. Call Vargo Associates at 856.694.1716 to learn more about how our deformation monitoring services can help you identify and mitigate problems before they happen. For your convenience, you can also reach our licensed professionals online.

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