High-Definition Laser Scanning Solutions by Vargo Associates

Vargo Associates is proud to offer our clients the versatility and accuracy of high definition laser scanning. Our Leica ScanStation P40 laser scanner—the first in New Jersey—uses pulsating lasers to generate and collect one million points per second, creating precision 3D point clouds and HDR imaging. With this advanced surveying technology, the Vargo team can:

  • Collect data at night without interrupting a client’s operations
  • Take accurate measurements without frequent site visits
  • Survey hard to reach areas, complex facilities and expansive projects
  • Survey around people, animals and traffic

High definition laser scanning by Vargo Associates is ideal for surveys of campuses, shopping malls, industrial sites, hospitals, transportation corridors, and historic preservation districts.

High Definition Laser Scanning Services

Vargo Associates utilizes our Leica scanner to provide the following client services:

  • Updated as-built surveys
  • Mechanical, electrical, & plumbing as-builts
  • Virtual proposed construction imaging
  • Facility renovation surveys
  • Imaging for transportation routing & redesign
  • Volumetrics
  • Historic restoration imaging
  • Condition & damage assessment
  • Crime scene documentation

Meeting Your Needs With High-Caliber Technologies

At Vargo Associates, we employ industry-leading technology to deliver a better survey product. Our advanced instrument technology and CAD output can be accessed directly using your own computer software, so you receive the data you need in a form you can readily use. Vargo Associates is committed to serving you with state of the art surveying services, open communication, and professional integrity. Call 856.694.1716 for high definition laser scanning services to support your next project, or reach a Vargo team member online.

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