Vargo Associates Land Conservation & Preservation Surveys

When government entities and private non-profits seek to purchase New Jersey lands for conservation and preservation, they rely on accurate land surveys and detailed maps that meet established land acquisition guidelines.

Vargo’s elite team of licensed professional land surveyors is pre-qualified by the New Jersey Green Acres Program to perform land surveys in accordance with guidelines for:

  • State land acquisitions
  • Local governments
  • NJ State Agricultural Development Committee
  • Nature Conservancy, New Jersey Audubon Society & other non-profits
  • Blue Acres Floodplains acquisitions

New Jersey Green Acres Program Land Conservation & Preservation

Established in 1961, the New Jersey Green Acres Program has become a partnership model of public and non-profit funding dedicated to creating an interlocking network of state recreational facilities and open spaces. To date, the Green Acres initiative has preserved over 500,000 acres of recreational land, open space, farmlands, historic preservation sites and trails. Vargo Associates’ expert technicians have surveyed tens of thousands of acres for recreational acquisition throughout New Jersey, including annexations to:

  • Wharton State Forest
  • Brendan T. Byrne State Forest
  • Winslow Wildlife Management Area
  • Edwin Forsyth National Wildlife Refuge

Survey Support for Land Conservation & Preservation

The continued acquisition of new acreage and incorporation of this land into NJ’s statewide system of recreational and preservation lands depends on accurate surveys that (1) determine boundaries and uncover potential ownership conflicts, (2) identify encroachments, and (3) evaluate other issues that might prevent clear title.

For lands that may be eligible for Blue Acres acquisition, FEMA elevation certificates are required. Vargo Associates has the professional certifications to perform these surveys and issue FEMA certificates.

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