Marine & Waterfront Solutions by Vargo Associates

Hydrographic surveys and maps from Vargo Associates are key resources for development and restoration projects along the Atlantic Coast. Storms, beach erosion, water diversion, and effluence cause dramatic changes to the underwater landscape. Detailed mapping and bathymetric data on marinas, harbors, lakes, streams, and bays provide valuable insight for dredging projects, utility crossings, beach restorations, and bulkhead and bridge design.

Marine & Waterfront Survey Services

At Vargo Associates, we employ advanced technology to collect and process underwater data. Information collected using our single beam echo sounder and HYPACK® software can then be seamlessly incorporated into the modeling software used by design professionals. Where hands-on data collection is required, we utilize boats, skiffs, and our ARGO amphibious vehicle to reach offshore areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Vargo’s comprehensive hydrographic survey services include:

  • Marina surveys
  • Harbor surveys
  • Utility crossing surveys
  • Lake/pond surveys
  • Bridge design surveys
  • Dune/shore protection mapping
  • Beach restoration mapping
  • Bulkhead design surveys
  • Data collection in marine settling ponds & offshore locations
  • Monitoring wells, geo-probes and hydraulic barrier walls
  • Assistance with permitting and regulatory compliance

Advantages of Vargo Marine Services

Partnering with Vargo Associates assures you that your project is in the hands of industry professionals who have high-caliber technology and industry-leading knowledge and experience. With the Vargo professionals, you will also benefit from our support with marine regulatory compliance and our open lines of communication with you and your staff. Contact us today to schedule a hydrographic survey or speak with our licensed professional land surveyors.

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