Boundary Survey Services by Vargo Associates

Accurate and reliable boundary descriptions form the basis for all types of property transfers: sales, inheritances, interest conveyances, trades, and easements. When a boundary survey is not established and documented in accordance with deed descriptions and accepted standards, legal problems and disputes arise that may jeopardize a landowner’s future ability to develop or dispose of the property.

Vargo Comprehensive Boundary Survey Services

A boundary survey by Vargo Associates informs owners or investors about the accuracy of property corners and placement of improvements. Landholders are made aware of title discrepancies that may exist between previously marked boundaries and deed descriptions. Property boundaries are correctly marked and, where inconsistencies are present, landowners are presented with correction options. All Vargo boundary surveys conform strictly to industry standards and legal requirements. Surveys are prepared under the direct supervision of Vargo’s licensed professional land surveyors, and research and documentation are checked and verified by our in-house title examiner.

Vargo Associates provides these comprehensive boundary-surveying services:

Protection for Your Investment

An accurate boundary survey by Vargo Associates protects your real estate investment and helps you avoid unexpected disputes when it is time to develop or sell the property. Call 856.694.1716 to schedule a comprehensive Vargo boundary survey or contact us online.

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