Monitoring Well Surveys by Vargo Associates

Pollution-free New Jersey groundwater, reservoirs, and waterways are resources vital to the health and safety of citizens and wildlife. State and federal agencies work closely to monitor and protect these resources, especially where contaminants and pollution from land use or redevelopment pose a threat. Vargo Associates’ licensed professional land surveyors conduct well monitoring surveys that aid in accurate placement of wells to track groundwater and monitor the safety of NJ environmental sites.

Benefits of Groundwater Monitoring Well Surveying

Monitoring well surveys by Vargo Associates are used to position and map monitor wells. These wells are routinely sampled in order to track groundwater levels or determine the presence of specific contaminants at reclamation and remediation sites. The data gathered at monitoring wells is then submitted to state or federal agencies for compilation and regulatory compliance. Vargo’s monitoring well surveys meet the requirements of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Form B, including:

  • Latitude & longitude well coordinates
  • Ground surface elevations
  • Elevation measurements of the well casing
  • New Jersey State plane coordinates
  • Significant observations & notes

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Critical environmental projects like site remediation and land reclamation require survey accuracy and transparent data communication, especially where groundwater well monitoring is involved. Count on Vargo’s surveying professionals for environmental surveys and data transmission that keeps you informed and compliant with New Jersey and federal regulations.

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