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When the military opened its Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) System to civilian use, surveying was one of the first applications developed. Today, GPS surveys are widely used for large-scale surveys of land, coastal areas, and rugged terrain. GPS surveys are based on signals transmitted from a network of 80+ satellites orbiting the Earth. These signals make it possible to accurately determine positions on the Earth’s surface. GPS survey applications produce highly accurate results and can be performed in any weather conditions.

Unlike traditional survey methods, GPS surveys are conducted by only one or two people equipped with high-tech instruments—resulting in fewer man-hours and notable cost savings.

Vargo’s Comprehensive GPS Survey Services

The licensed professional land surveyors at Vargo Associates have years of experience with GPS surveying. Employing the most advanced GPS survey instruments to deliver highly accurate, cost-effective results, Vargo’s comprehensive GPS survey services include:

  • GIS data sets
  • RTK/Static surveys
  • Aerial ground control
  • Horizontal & Vertical control surveys

For situations where large trees, buildings, overpasses, and other obstructions prevent the use of GPS technology, Vargo continues to utilize time-tested surveying techniques enhanced by innovative instrumentation.

Choose Vargo for Your Surveying Solutions

Vargo Associates pursues excellence in all phases of our business—from continuously updating equipment and technical know-how to providing clients with attentive support, transparent communication, and expedited results. For innovative surveying solutions that add value to private and public projects, call Vargo today or submit an inquiry online.

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