Topographic Surveys by Vargo Associates

A topographic map is a graphic representation of a site’s features and elevation changes. Contour lines denote rises or declines in elevation, revealing drainage patterns and natural obstacles that must be taken into account when planning roads, landfills, utility transmission lines, pipeline routes, and property developments. In addition to elevation and drainage, topographic surveys make note of existing land features including trees, structures, streets, utility poles, manholes, retaining walls and other improvements.

Topographic Survey Services

Site planning and construction benefit from the accurate detail obtained from a Vargo Associates’ topographic survey. Under the direct supervision of our licensed professional land surveyors, qualified teams use the latest technology and instrumentation to complete your topographic survey. Contour maps and elevations are digitally created and delivered to clients using AutoCAD Civil 3D interactive software, allowing for manipulation and projection of the data during construction planning phases.

Vargo’s complete topographic survey services include:

  • Municipal road design
  • Volume as-builts
  • Site basemaps
  • Aerial mapping
  • Landfill closure surveys
  • Road design surveys
  • Route surveys
  • Floodplain surveys
  • Drainage study mapping

Advantages of Topographic Surveys from Vargo

When you partner with Vargo Associates for your project, our licensed professionals pair innovation with time-tested surveying methods to expedite project completion. Our team communicates openly and supplies full data accessibility—and excellence is in our nature. Call 856.694.1716 to request an upfront estimate, schedule a topographic survey, or inquire about other land survey services.

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